Pack your bags amiguis! Top 3 destinations to explore.

The last time I left the country was for a trip with my girlfriends to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Traveling with friends was such an amazing experience! Eating tacos de papa at 2am on the street with my best girlfriends and feeling the sand under my feet were some of the best memories I have. I still remember the beautiful weather, visiting Sayulita, and my first experience with tropical rain.  I haven't traveled a lot. So much of my time during my 20's was spent in school, working, and chipping away at my goals.  While being home has helped me realize that I was overwhelmingly busy before the pandemic, I also realize that I’ve been missing out on traveling. Here are the top three places I plan to visit once life returns to what life used to be. 
  • Memphis, Tennessee- When I think of Memphis I think about music, history, and Elvis Presley. I can't wait to visit Presley's Graceland! I grew up listening to Elvis and wish I would have lived during his time. His music reminds me of my dad and dancing to Jailhouse Rock. Memphis is also home to rich history and the National Civil Rights Museum. I've heard visiting this museum is a must. When I think about traveling, I'm curious about what vegan food I find, and who knows, maybe I'll find some good vegan food. BBQ tofu, anyone? LOL #doubtit
  • Salem, Massachusetts- If you know me personally, you know I have a deep appreciation for the history of the Salem witch trials. Visiting the Witch Museum has been on the top of my list for some time. I'm also a fan of all things spooky and Halloween. Besides spooky, I'm excited to see what Fall actually looks like. If you live in Southern California you know that we don't really experience the Fall season. 
  • San Salvador, El Salvador- I was looking for airline tickets in February  but thanks to my procrastination, I didn't purchase. I think I was hangry while browsing on Expedia and I didn't purchase. Thank goodness because stay at home orders happened soon after. Returning to El Salvador will be surreal and I hope I can travel there soon. There are so many places I want to visit like Lago de Coatepeque, Suchitoto, and la Ruta de Las Flores. Most importantly, I have family I've never met and I want to see where my mom grew up in Mejicanos. 
Being home has helped me reflect on everything I was doing before. Reaching goals and aspirations is great, but there is so much of the world to see. We may not be close to what life used to be like before the pandemic but things will get better.  #packyourbagsamiguis

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